Sell Products with Your Artwork

Besides selling digital arts, you can now put your art-work to custom-made products on illustBuy with zero effort!

- Type of Products -

We can make your artwork into:


- You retain copyright of your artwork -

You may decide which kind of product, or how many custom-made products you wish to sell on each of your artwork.

- Pricing -

Price of your artwork + Base price of product = Final Price

e.g. Custom-made T-shirt

Price:Price of your artwork+Base price of T-shirt=Final Price of your T-shirt

You will earn:Price of your artwork+Commission of the product(20% of the base price)=$50

- Zero Effort -

Once you upload a new artwork onto illustBuy, all types of custom-made products will be enabled by default.

illustBuy will handle everything from manufacturing to shipping the product. You will earn extra commission when you sell a product while there is no extra cost or effort from your side.