It is the most outstanding feature of illustBuy. Buyers own the exclusive right of the original copy of an illustration. Sellers are not permitted to sell the same to others. However, the ownership of copyright and other rights of the illustration have no changes. The above rules are not applied to thumbnails of illustrations.
In other words, Buyers CAN:
(1) Own the original copy of the collection exclusively.
(2) Share the original copy of the illustration.
(3) Use the illustration non-commercially or commercially, with the author's name stated.
(4) Re-create the illustration for non-commercial or commercial purposes, with the author's name stated.
However, Buyers CANNOT:
Use the illustration non-commercially or commercially without the author's name stated.
Re-create the illustration for non-commercial or commercial purposes without the author's name stated.
Pretend to be the author to upload and sell the illustration.
It is very easy! First, you need a Paypal Account (international) and an illustBuy Account. After that, when you see a favorite item, you simply click on it, be directed to the checkout page, follow the instruction and it will be finished quickly. After payment, you can download the illustration.
Followed by logged-in, click “My Collection” below the Menu on the top right hand corner, you can see all the works you have purchased. Click on the one you want to download, you will enter to the detail page of the work. You are able to find the “Download” button there.
Yes. There is no limit set to the download times.
Yes. among the 14-days checking period, if the illustration is found to violate the terms of illustBuy, the transaction is canceled. We will refund to you by Tokens.
Sorry to hear that!
Paypal decline transaction usually includes these reasons: payment details input wrongly, insufficient funds, or the issuing bank blocked the transaction. Please check your Paypal account details and retry. If the payment is processed, you will have an notifying email received within 1-2 days. Don't worry! We will only charge once when your pledge is succeed.
Steps of transaction involving private financial information are processed and secured by Paypal. Meanwhile, only Paypal is accepted in payment and withdrawal.
Tokens are stored in your illustBuy account when you have purchased Tokens, or got a coupon, or sold a work, or by other ways. Tokens are freely usable and withdraw-able. During the payment process, you only need to choose using Tokens in your illustBuy account to pay, as long as you have sufficient Tokens required for the payment. By the way, you can check the “Buying History” from your “My Profile” Page to view all transaction of your collections, including the method of payment.
Your will be charged immediately. The Tokens will be held by us for a period of time before transferring to the seller. The seller will see the Token holding increases once the pledge is completed!
Making A Post
Thank you for feeling interested on! Welcome!
You can sell your original works or fan-arts, color or gray-style, CG or by-hand in digital format! But we require the full-size original copy of a work has not been published before. Also, your works should not be R-18 or violate any rules stated in our Terms and Condition.
Directly click the button “Upload a picture” on the top right corner of the front page. If you have not registered or logged-in, a pop-up will appear and require your data entry. After that, the upload process continues.
When you upload a picture, you can do so. Besides, under the “My Works” category (found under the Menu), you can set parameters of each of your works.
Yes. You can access the “My Works” category to manage all your works. As long as not having purchased by buyers, you can edit, set whether on shelf and delete an illustration...etc. After you saved the edition, you are directed back to the “My Works” Page. There is a notification showing your edition is successfully saved.
It's up to your promotion! We encourage sellers to keep promoting their works on their Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. But remember try not to post your works exceeding 512x512px (not limited to magnification)! You are responsible to ensure only the buyer can have a copy of the full-size. Besides, buyers can find pictures by searching and filtering, such as price, tags or other parameters. They can also straightly type and search the titles or tags of what they are interested in. Therefore, to exhibit your illustrations to your target, you may consider how to set these values.
There is a 10MB limit per full-size picture, in jpg or png.
You are not required to upload a thumbnail by yourself. The system will guide you to generate one for the use on our platform.
The photo is displayed in a regular circle. So please pick one that will look good at least 512x512px.
The Banner is displayed in a best rectangle ratio of 5:1, with the width not less than 1280px. (Recommend 1280x256). The banner is a good place for advertisement. You can change it regularly according to your advertising purpose.
Receiving Payments
Please click “My Profile” under the Menu, then click “Tokens”, click “Withdraw Tokens”, follow the coming steps. When an illustration is brought, the corresponding amount of Tokens from the buyer will be immediately held by us. After a period of time for checking copyright (usually days), the Tokens will be transferred to your illustBuy account if the checking is passed. You can withdraw Tokens from us at any time. The currency is limited to Japanese Yen only. Currently, you need to change the deposit into other currency by yourself using Paypal's service. There is a withdrawal fee – 125 yen of Token for any amount. Since the process is currently manual, a few working days is required for transferring the deposit to your specific Paypal account. We are working hard to improve the procedure and provide more option in this issue. charges 5% of the price of an illustration form the Buyer, and another % from the Seller, in terms of Token. We take yen of Tokens when you withdraw amount of Tokensfrom Tokens will be converted into Japanese Yen (JPY) for withdrawal.
Within the period of checking copyright, we will handle report from any user about a picture is suspected to have copyright problem. The Tokens related to the transaction will be continued to be held by us, until the issue is set down. You may be requested to supply evidence to prove you are the author. Once anyone is judged by us that he/she breaks the Terms/the Agreement, the transaction is canceled. The Tokens of the buyer will be returned. The seller's account will be prohibited to log-in for handle later.