What is illustBuy?

illustBuy is an online platform for artworks. Creators can create a free account to sell artworks on illustBuy. We hope to help artworks reaching more people and give economic value to their creators.

Values of illustBuy to Creators:

1. Online Marketplace

illustBuy is an online marketplace displaying artworks from different creators, which is also a centralized place for reader and buyer to browse new artworks, benefiting the both sides. illustBuy is an non-exclusive platform, which means you may list the artwork on other platforms as well.

We believe the value of both digital art and physical art. We hope to provide a fair platform to both creators and readers, making more economic value to artworks.

2. Selling Custom-made Products with Zero-effort

illustBuy supports selling custom-made products like T-shirts, mugs and cushions with automatically generated preview images. Once you upload an artwork, you may select which types of products you would like to make available to customers. You earn extra commissions by selling products while it costs no fee or extra effort.

3. Earning LikeCoin with Like Button

illustBuy supports LikeButton by LikeCoin. Creators may add LikeButton easily to their artworks. When readers clap on the LikeButton, the creator will earn LikeCoin, which can be exchanged to US dollars on exchanges. (What is LikeCoin?


- We do not charge transaction fee for artwork sales.
- Withdrawing balance to your PayPal account: 100 illustBuy Point (=10 HKD)each time

How to earn with LikeButton?