LikeCoin is a cryptocurrency created by LikeCoin Foundation Limited in 2018. The purpose is to give back the value of the creator's work, giving economic value to Like received by the creator, instead of having many Likes without any economic value.

This is the process to add LikeButton on illustBuy:

(1) Register LikeCoin account to get a LikeCoin ID。

Please use Chrome browser on computer to register with MetaMask wallet, in order to receive LikeCoin rewards.

If you already have a LikeCoin ID registed with social media accounts, please follow the guide below to link with MetaMask wallet.
Install MetaMask and Link LikeCoin ID

(2) After registering LikeCoin account, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Press the menu of the top-right corner

Step 2,3. Login to your illustBuy account

Step 4. Go to 'Account Settings'

Step 5. Fill your LikeCoin ID

Step 6. Click 'Save'

Step 7. All of your works will display LikeButton